Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dona Barbara Capitulo 85

Synopsis telenovela Dona Barbara Capitulo 85: To Marisela (Genesis Rodriguez), Santos (Christian Meier) said that Barbara (Edith Gonzalez) has said that she was her accomplice. Then Santos check Marisela to Altamira. Meanwhile, someone has taken pictures Antonio (Arap Bethke) who was kissing Cecilia (Katie barberi).

To Barbara, Marisela said that she would go. Marisela then see a photograph that proves the involvement of Fidel as the fifth actor. Meanwhile, Gonzalo is conducting health checks on dairy products.

When Marisela met with Gonzalo, she said that while it is along with Santos, he gave government positions. Marisela then heard a telephone conversation between Gonzalo with Sapo, she finally knows who the actual Gonzalo.

When it was in the neighborhood association, Santos said that he was not embezzlement and he has resigned. Santos later learned that Gonzalo had given the order to conduct the examination. After that, Santos invited Marisela to go with him, but she refused.

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